The Crunch : France VS England

By Delphine SARRAT and Dimitri VOITURIN | Sheffield Magazine

From the magazine issue dated Oct. 14, 2012

The French Republic which defends “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” has got cultural and social differences with the British Monarchy. 

France is well-known for its gastronomy especially for foie gras, wine and cheese, contrary to England which is famous for its breakfast (eggs, sausage, French fries and beans). [It can surprise French people because they are use to drinking coffee with slice of bread editor‘s note]. Moreover, English people are used to meeting for the tea-time whereas in the South-West of France people are delighted to have a drink at home with friends or in a pub.

People from the South-West of France are known to be pleasant talkative whereas English people are known for be reserved and they often use “Thank you” and “Sorry”. Culturally speaking, we have noticed that English people are much more open-minded than French people. Dealing with disability, English people are really aware of it.

In France, for instance, when you are a disable person, people don’t make the difference between physical disability and mental problems. For French people, moving with a wheelchair often means that you are not able to do something by yourself.

Regarding music, South West of France is famous for its brass bands whereas England turns out to be the birthplace of rock, punk folk and folk metal (The Beatles, The Police, James Blunt, Coldplay…).



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